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Twin Oaks Guest Ranch Wrangler's Roping It Up!

Updated: Apr 10

The Wranglers at Twin Oaks Guest Ranch are experts in roping. We are a working ranch so we use roping in our day-to-day. Roping has become popular because of the new hit TV Show, Yellowstone. Our wranglers love showing guests their amazing roping skills and helping guests to learn how to lasso a haybale 'steer' to practice.

Our Twin Oaks Guest Ranch wranglers are so impressive that they were recently invited to perform their roping skills. In January 2023, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) held its annual Schedulers & Dispatchers conference at the Music City Center in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. There were over 3,000+ attendees -the largest attendance their conference has ever seen. On Opening night, during the Welcome Reception, our Wranglers were on the trade show floor sharing roping with the attendees. The conference coordinator was looking for interactive enhancements and activations to give guests a true “Welcome to Music City” experience and the Twin Oaks Guest Ranch wranglers were happy to share their expert roping skills! During the Roping performance, the DJ's setlist centered around songs about flying: Fly Like An Eagle, Jet Airliner, and Fly Away. There was also a Dolly Parton Impersonator who was part of the show and two HUGE 15-foot Guitars for that Instagrammable photo op with the Twin Oaks Wranglers and Dolly! We aligned with the performance because there was also a local give-back component to the show. In partnership with Thistle Farms, the offsite room sprays & decorations were built at their facility & showcased at the booth on the trade show floor to help educate people who hadn’t heard of Thistle Farm's mission around Nashville, Tennessee. For 25 years, Thistle Farms has lit a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. The roping & lasso lessons with Twin Oaks Guest Ranch's three wranglers were a huge hit with attendees. Everyone who meets them falls in love with them, their roping skills, and of course rugged good looks. They were even lucky enough to get a photo with Dolly after teaching her how to rope! Roping is also a competitive sport at Rodeos, so it can be performed rather than used for daily herding on the Ranch tasks. Roping in the Rodeo setting is based on the routine tasks of capturing calves and adult cattle performed by cowboys as part of their job. Our Wrangler team would love to help you get the feel of the rope and have some roping fun during your next visit to the Ranch. Book your ranch retreat experience today!

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