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Mindful Movement & Meditation

Mindful Movement & Meditation

Mindful expression of movement is medicine.

This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the body by following gentle guided movement and stretches working to release tension without pushing or judging. This is not an exercise class. Instead, it helps to encourage the mind/body connection, noticing how the body responds to movement as well as passing thoughts and feelings.

In addition, we will explore simple and practical mindfulness techniques and meditations that you can use every day to move through life with more joy and ease. You will leave this experience feeling peaceful and light.

This is for you if:

  • You are new to Mindfulness or want to expand your current practice

  • You have a tendency to feel overwhelmed and anxious

  • You have been feeling stuck and uninspired

  • You are looking for healthier ways to manage stress

  • You are ready to learn new ways to live more joyfully and peacefully

Joanna Barbera

Joanna is a Nashville-based Transformational Mentor, Wisdom Channel, Intuitive Guide, Kundalini- based Movement, Mantra & Meditation Instructor and Singer/Songwriter/Performer.

Combining her love of spirituality and music, she founded Music City Mindfulness to offer a variety of simple, yet powerful methods and techniques to awaken and align clients with their true nature, inner guidance system and creative expression.

Joanna works with clients to become lighter, clear, confident, strong, decisive and most of all, empowered to heal and tap into their full potential.

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