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Mixology Experience

Introduction to Mixology, The Flavor Wheel, Balancing your own cocktail creations

• Module 1: La Paloma: Sweet/Sour, Salt, Advanced Garnish Prep and Preserving Citrus, “Building”
• Module 2: The Brandy Alexander: Sweet & Spice, Shaking, Double-Straining, Garnish Theory, Liqueurs
• Module 3: The Whiskey Smash: Sweet/Sour, Simple Syrup Prep, Muddling, Properly using Herbs, “Rolling”
• Module 4: The Veaux Carre: Sweet/Bitter, when to stir, how to use bitters
• Module 5: The Clover Club: Sweet/Sour, Advanced Syrup Prep, Using Egg Whites • All Supplies, Mixers and Ingredients to execute each cocktail per person
• Optional high quality bar tools kit

*Note tastings are 1/2 oz per selection/person pour and mix class cocktails are partial portions per person. This regulates appropriate consumption during the duration of the interactive event.

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