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Mantra Healing

Mantra Healing

The word mantra is derived from two Sanskrit words—manas (mind) and tra (tool). Mantra literally means “a tool for the mind.” Mantras are a powerful meditation tool and can bring you into a deep meditative state rather quickly.

Chanting these sacred sounds helps to free your mind of background chatter and calm your nervous system. In these sessions, we will work with a variety of mantras from various traditions and experience the powerful effects they have on the mind and body.

Joanna Barbera

Joanna is a Nashville-based Transformational Mentor, Wisdom Channel, Intuitive Guide, Kundalini- based Movement, Mantra & Meditation Instructor and Singer/Songwriter/Performer.

Combining her love of spirituality and music, she founded Music City Mindfulness to offer a variety of simple, yet powerful methods and techniques to awaken and align clients with their true nature, inner guidance system and creative expression.

Joanna works with clients to become lighter, clear, confident, strong, decisive and most of all, empowered to heal and tap into their full potential.

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