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Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

More commonly known as the Yoga of Awareness, the simple technology of Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and brings the body, mind, and Spirit together in balance. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga; the Meditative or Neutral Mind, pranayama (breath), & asana (physical exercise) along with a dristi (how we hold our eye focus) and mudra (hand position), we can find peace and share this peace with the world.


Although each 90-minute Kundalini Yoga class is different, focusing on a different aspect of the Self, the basic structure remains consistent. We begin each class with ‘tuning in’, connecting with all of the teachers who have come before us, their wisdom, and with each other.

  • Tune In

  • Breathwork (pranayama)

  • Kriya (physical practice)

  • Meditation/Chanting Mantra

  • Savasana (rest) with Sound Healing

  • Closing Prayer

  • Tea and fellowship

When you come for class, wear comfortable clothing (you do not have to wear ‘yoga’ clothes), bring your yoga mat, a blanket and any other props you may need for comfort and support.

Vicki Martin

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