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Basic Crystal & Chakras Activation

Basic Crystal & Chakras Activation

Basic Crystals and Chakras Activation (60 min) Option to add on Sound Alchemy Session for 30-60 min

• Chakra basics, what they are and why they are important for our wellbeing

• Crystal basics, learn about some of the most commonly used crystals for chakra work and why

• Learn how working with crystals and other tools like colors, mantras and toning can balance and activate stagnant energy in and around the body

• Experience a short, guided journey to meet the spirit of your chosen crystal (you can bring your favorite crystal or choose one from crystals that will be available for purchase)

• Learn to make a simple crystal and water elixir safely and easily for home use

Maria Brannon

Maria Brannon is a multi-passionate creator and entrepreneur whose colorful and varied talents include musical theater, songwriting, art and jewelry making. Founder of Lightning Flash Creative, a boutique marketing company, and Shamanic Sound Alchemy, a private practice for facilitating shamanic sound resonance sessions and sound baths, she enjoys holding a loving space for others to remember their authentic selves.
Maria is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, a Certified Dream Teacher under the training of Robert Moss, Certified in Guided Energy Medicine under the training of Rose Cole, Certified Willow End of Life Educator and currently in training for certification in Stone Medicine under Sarah Thomas.

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