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Reframing & Resolving Differences

About the Course

Conflict occurs when an individual or group feels that other individuals or groups have frustrated, or are about to frustrate, their plans, goals, beliefs, or activities.  So, the conflict starts with an assumption that you or the other party made – an assumption that first needs to be reframed, then resolved.


In this 90-minute workshop, you’ll:

  • Review your DiSC Conflict Profile in order to reframe a conflict you’ve had with someone, then

  • Practice an approach to open dialogue with the other party that will bring you to actionable agreement.


*Pre-work:  DiSC Conflict assessment

Your Instructor

Dorene Burkhalter

Dorene is a highly regarded workplace consultant, educator, and leadership coach. Her
occupational and consulting experiences in a variety of industries, such as education, government,
healthcare, finance/insurance, manufacturing, retail, and social services enable her to facilitate the
advancement of individual and organizational capabilities for very diverse clients. She has been
successful in working with employees at all levels of the organization to develop the skills and
structures necessary to move organizations forward.
Dorene has facilitated initiatives designed to improve organizational culture and employer of choice
standing. Consulting examples include process-improvement or employee-engagement analysis,
change management strategies, competency-based performance management systems,
leadership development, career, succession, and strategic planning processes, and corporate
She has assisted organizations with attracting, selecting, on-boarding, and retaining high-potential
candidates. She’s lead processes for improving organizational notoriety, creating a candidate-tojob-match hiring process, identifying key performance competencies, designing behaviorally-based
panel interviews, choosing applicant assessments, and training managers on selection and
leadership techniques.

Certified as an executive coach, she has coached leaders at all levels of the organization. Ms.
Burkhalter received her B.S. in Secondary Education and her M.S. in Industrial and Organizational
Psychology from Illinois State University. Dorene has specialized over the past twenty years in
employer of choice consulting throughout North and South America. She has the following
licensures and certifications: ADKAR Change Management, College of Executive Coaching,
American Psychological Association, Baron EQ-i, CCL assessments, DDI: Taking Action, DISC, Profiles International Partner.

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